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Near by Places (Distance from Alangulam)
Kanthimathi - Nellaiyapper Temple (28KM)

This temple is situated in the heart of the city. This is a twin temple dedicated to Parvathi and Siva. Rare Jewels, the Golden Lily Tank, Musical Pillars, the hall of thousand pillars are worth seeing.

Srivaikuntam (53 KM)

Srivaikuntam is famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu known as Srivaikuntapathi Swami with a lofty gopuram.The Thiruvengada Mudaliyar Mandapam is rich with sculptures of Yallis, Elephants and Warriors. The Ekadasi Mandapam which is opened on Vaikunta Ekadasi days, contains exquisite sculptures. During the conflicting days between the East India Company forces and Kattabomman, this temple served as a fort. The Kailasanathaswamy temple is an another important temple. It contains six inscriptions of the times of Veera Pandiya Kattabomman.


Tenkasi (25 KM)

The name itself implies that this town is 'Kasi ( Varanasi ) of the South'.  The flag staff of the temple is noteworthy for its sculptural beauty and is 400 years old.





Krishnapuram (40 KM)

The temple in Krishnapuram is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  The Presiding deity is Thiruvenkatanathar.  There are a number of life-size sculptures in this temple with intricate workmanship.



Manapad (100 KM)

Holy Cross Church at Manapad is an ancient one.  It was built in the year 1581.  Thousands congregate during the festival season from 1st to 14th September every year.  The church is associated with St. Francis Xavier. 


Kulasekarapattinam (87 KM)

The Muthuraman temple 20 Kms from Tiruchendur is known for the popular 'Dasara' festival where folk dance artists from all over the state participate in the festival.  It is a coastal village with a fine beach. 




Vanathirupathi (53 KM)



Alwarthirunagari (58 KM)



Kalakkadu Sanctuary

Kalakkadu Sanctuary is located in the picturesque and geographically rich surroundings of Western Ghats in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Two prominent sanctuaries of the region The Kalakkadu sanctuary together with the Mundanthurai sanctuary has been notified as a Tiger reserve. The immense geographical value of this place could be gauged from the fact that this reserve is part of one of the world's 18 biodiversity hotspots.

Manimuthar & Papanasam Dams

Papanasam Dam is located 49 Kms away from Tirunelveli. This is a beautiful Picnic spot. Another dam in Tirunelveli Dictrict is Maninuthar Dam. This is 47 Kms from Tirunelveli. Having Salubrious climate and gorgeous gardens, it serves as an excursion centre.



A variety of birds congregate here in large numbers from March to June for breeding. Koonthakulam 30 kms. from Tirunelveli is another bird sanctuary.






Manjolai - Hill Station

Manjolai is 57 km away from Tirunelveli and is at an elevation of 1162 sq. metre. There are many tea plantations in and around this place. Bombay Burma Tea estate is famous one in this area. About 4000 people are working in these tea plantations. Manjolai is noteworthy for the climate, scenery and calm atmosphere. This place can easily be compared with Udhagamandalam, the queen of Hill stations as far as the pleasing climate and peaceful natural atmosphere are concerned. Just above Manjolai, there are places like Kakkachi and Nalumukka which are real gifts of the nature.

On the way to Manjolai from Manimuthar there is a very beautiful place called Dasan Pool with plenty of fresh water, greens and fine climate

Upper Kodaiyar

It is located on the Southern most tip of the Western Ghats bordering Kerala. It is a beautiful area where nature is at its best with verdant forests. Tea, Rubber and Cardomon are grown here on a large scale. Manjolai is the best known place here. Kalachi, Nalumukku, Kuthiraiyerri, Oothu are important locales where one can have beautiful panaramic view. A mini Golf Course is also available here.





Sankaranainarkoil (32 KM)

Sankaranainarkoil, commonly called as Sankarankoil is a town well connected with Tirunelveli and other parts of the district with good bus facilities. The Lingam in this temple is the personification of earth. This temple was built by Ukirapandiar who ruled this area in the early part of the 11th century A.D. It was his daily routine to go to Madurai on elephant's back to worship Lord Somasundarar and Meenakshi. On one particular day his elephant dug a pit with its trunk, fell and rolled over the earth, and refused to move further.

Manikreevan one of the king's watchmen rushed to him and informed about a Siva lingam and a Cobra coiling on it in Punnai forest. When the king came there to witness this an oracle was heard at that time which instructed the Pandiya king to construct a temple and worship him with utmost devotion which the king obliged. Ugra Pandyan constructed a temple and worshiped the deity. Nagasunai, the most sacred one is said to have been dug by two serpent king Sankan and Padman. There is a belief among the people that the dip in this holy water will cure all the diseases. Similarly the earth from the ant hill is also said to have great medicinal value and is said to cure skin diseases.


Birds Sanctuary at Koonthankulam

A tiny village in the far south, Koonthankulam in Nanguneri Taluk of Tirunelveli District is emerging as a new favourite of the migratory birds. It is just 38 Kms. away from Tirunelveli and is in the nearby Nanguneri Taluk. It may soon be catapulted into the list of popular water bird sanctuaries in the country. This village is sparsely populated. Migratory birds start coming by December end and fly away to their northern homes by June or July after they lay eggs, hatch them and the young ones grow old enough to fly with the older ones. About 35 species of birds visit this calm but congenial village for breeding.





Pulithevan Palace

Nelkattumsevval or Avudaiyapuram, situated in Sankarankoil taluk is to be written red letters in the history of the Freedom Movement of India for it was the headquarters of Pulithevar, the first chieftain in Tamil Nadu to resist the British. The author of the Tirunelveli District Gazetter, H.R.Pate, observes as follows:

"Nelkatumseval is chiefly memorable as having been in the eighteenth Century

stronghold of the redoubtable Pulithevar, who figured for many years as the leader

of the Marava Confederacy against the troops of the Nawab and the Company. He had a shrewd insight into the political situation of the time and was a veritable thorn in the side of the Nawab's agents"






Kappal Matha Church , Uvari

A small church for St. Mary which was under the control of pastors of Goa mission existed here. In course of time, in 1903, this church was converted into a school. On important occasions as per the wishes of the people, festivals were conducted and prayers were offered to her. There was a custom among the young maidens to go to the nunnery in the night and sleep there. On one such occasion they saw a bright light surrounding this Selvamatha statue even though nobody lit a candle. Many people of Uvari witnessed this light which was there for over an hour.

This incident occurred on 18th September which is celebrated as a festival. People used to keep this statue in a chariot and come around this town to bestow the blessing of Mary to the people of Uvari. Due to sea erosion the old church got damaged. Therefore the people decided to construct a new church for which the foundation stone was laid down by Fr.Thomas in 1970, 25th January and the work was finished on 1974. This church designed as a ship, is called Kappal Matha church after its design. It is beautiful church facing the blue sea. The waves rolling near this church gives us an impression that this ship shaped church is sailing on the sea which is a feast to eyes.



Birthplace of the famous regional poet Subramanya Bharathy, who brought about sparks of revolution with his brilliant works, this is also the site of the Umaru Pulavar Dhansha.










Kattabomman Memorial Fort

Panchalankurichi is a tiny village located 3-km from Ottapidaram and 18-km from Tuticorin. This village is of great historical importance as the great warrior Katta Bomman known as "Veerapandiya Kattabomman" raised his voice against the British regime in the 17th century AD here.

The Government of Tamil Nadu in 1974 constructed the Kattabomman Memorial Fort. The Archaeological Survey of India protects the remnants of the old fort. The hereditary Goddess of Kattabomman was Sri Devi Jakkammal. A temple dedicated to Sri Devi Jakkammal is located near the fort. Nearby attraction of the fort is a cemetery of British soldiers.
Within the Memorial Hall, there are beautiful paintings on the walls depicting the heroic deeds of the saga. The British gave the sentence of death by hanging Kattabomman and others on charges of treason.

Tirunelveli Shooting Spot
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